4 Мау 2020 - at 19:00 Moscow / 17:00 London (GMT) time

How to use your Subconscious to change your Life!

The whole (unbiased) truth about ThetaHealing®
A free ON-LINE meeting with Craig Koekemoer - ThetaHealing® Official Co-Ordinator in Russia
Television, news feeds, social media, newspapers, social networks and more are filled with messages about the current crisis, about gloomy economic forecasts, all of these which increasing escalate fear and depressing or gloomy thoughts.
Job losses, currency depreciation, increased political tensions and possible conflicts, problems and troubles - all of these are being prophesied by mainstream media and also fake news.

Many wait for things to happen - but what will happen?
Fear rises inside many, panic attacks increase ...
Some start to become depressed ...

Yet someone calmly looks to the future with confidence, knowing their path and knowing they will be able to predict and plan the necessary situations to be able to fit their need!
Especially in times of crisis, people start to look for new ways, new solutions, and answers to the questions of:
How to create your own REALITY?
Is it possible to control your DESTINY?
How to accurately predict the FUTURE?
How is it possible at any time, even in the most severe crisis - to be on the wave of success?
How to not live and depend on the exchange rate, or the oil price?
How to know in advance what to do?
How to find and make the right decisions?
How to generate new, awesome and amazing ideas that work?
How to find your true path and your destiny?
How to quickly and easily achieve your goals?
Where can I find a mentor who can guide and help me find the answers?

There are solutions!
Our subconscious mind always knows the answers to all of the questions.
Wake up your subconscious now! Make a friend with him / her!
During this webinar you will learn:
What is the ThetaHealing technique and how can it help to restore health, attract abundance, to find a soul mate, and to get out of any crisis?
The algorithm to achieve any goal.
What is the difference between successful people and those who don't achieve success?
How to use your subconscious to change your life?
How to create your own reality?
How to control your thinking?
How to remove negative outside influences?
How to achieve the right state to get the best answers?
How to start your self-healing mechanisms?
How to create wellbeing and abundance?
As a result - you can establish a deep connection with your subconscious and find a reliable friend, a wise adviser, a protector and a healer - all in one - and for all time!
With ThetaHealing®:
ThetaHealing® is a technique and set of techniques that teaches you how to use your innate intuition. The basis of the technique is the ability to move from the normal Beta frequency of the brain into the Theta frequency level, which is where it becomes possible to observe the instant healing on physical and emotional levels performed by the Creator.
Having studied the ThetaHealing® technique, you will be able to understand that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be used for spontaneous healing at all levels of life. By applying this process you will help yourself, your family and your loved ones.
ThetaHealing® was created by Vianna Stibal, as a guide to therapeutic self-help in order to develop the ability to change at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - using the energy of unconditional love!
Working with feelings and beliefs gives you the ability to identify, remove or replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts and overcome trauma and fear - ultimately creating new positive beliefs, feelings, thoughts and emotions.
The technique was discovered and created by Vianna Stibal in 1995.
Vianna needed to recover from cancer, and lost hope of recovering from all types of traditional and alternative medicine at the time.

After healing, she turned to scientists for help in order to understand her recovery. The explanation from the scientists was that one of the big reasons was being able to tap into the Theta brain wave frequency.

At this frequency, it is possible to connect with the creative energy that fills everything that exists, and instantly change feelings and beliefs that are associated with disease.

Since then, in her own sessions working on herself and also working with others, Vianna has constantly been using this technique with ever repeating success.

The success of this technique has provoked world wide interest. Today there are thousands of practitioners in different parts of the world, who can easily facilitate the healing of people and helping them change their lives for the better.
Webinar speaker:
Craig Koekemoer
United Kingdom, South Africa
  • Over 20 years of teaching experience
  • Researcher of altered states of consciousness and their influence on human extrasensory abilities
  • ThetaHealing® Certified Instructor of the highest level
  • Country events co-ordinator for ThetaHealing® Instructors seminars in Russia
  • Awarded Thetahealing® Certificate of Science, Masters and Instructors certifications
  • Experienced Life Coach Practitioner
  • Expert in Communication and Conflict Management
  • Successful businessman and traveler

Since the 90s, he worked as a business consultant in various industries - in the UK, South Africa, and the Middle East, which helped him to better understand the needs of his clients, knowing what questions to ask.

He is fluent in communicative and analytical skills, conflict management, ability to read body language and non-verbal communication.

Craig helps people to learn how to understand the differences between their rational and emotional actions, and how to manage their states.

As a trainer and life coach, he works with people with questions from many areas of life and helps them get positive results even in very difficult situations.